Privacy Notice

Any purchase through our site is confidential. GZ Pendants does not retain any records of financial importance. All purchases made through PayPal are isolated from our online store. Therefore, any credit card or bank account numbers are processed only through PayPal.

Any information that is entered into our site in order for a purchase to be made will not be copied, sold or transfered to a third party. If a customer requests their personal information be deleted from our database, they can request the deletion via the original email address used to create their account with us, if requesting by email. If the requisition is not from the original email address, a customer can easily contact us by phone or mail and provide a few details about their account so that our store may verify the account holder's identity.

GZ Pendants will make the deletion within 24 hours of the request and the customer will be able to confirm that when they try to sign in to their account. The sign in process will request all personal information to be re-entered.