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Springtime Butterflies
This panel was designed and fabricated by A.Zissoff. It has been kiln fired twice. Once for fusion of coloured glass. Secondly, for the tracing (painted black lines) fire. This is necessary as each firing requires the panel to heat up to different temperatures for different amounts of time. The measurement for this panel is approx. 17" diameter.


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    By: Jennifer Ba May 17, 2020
    My brother and I purchased Springtime Butterflies for our Mom for Mothers Day 2020 and its absolutely perfect! This fused glass piece hangs in a south-facing window and is so beautiful when viewed from both inside and outside the window. To us, the butterflies represent the beauty that comes with transitions. Our Dad had passed away in 2019 and butterflies were used in the hospice to mark a patient’s passing. My Mom has been through a lot in the past year and is still so full of love that these butterflies beautifully symbolize her. This piece of art is so lovely when sunlight comes through the window. Thank you!