Heart Pendants

Beautiful dichroic glass heart pendants sparkle with the smallest amount of light.

One of a kind dichroic heart pendants. Sumptuous in the sunlight. These hearts can really dazzle! All glass hearts have had multiple kiln fires to achieve the beauty that glass can produce. To see our current inventory of glass hearts just click on one of the heart necklaces.

These are a long lasting gift that can show anyone you care. Our heart pendants are richly coloured and brilliant in the sun. When you are unsure of what to give a loved one, a heart pendant sometimes does the trick. These hearts are all hand carved - we never use a mold - which really gives them their uniqueness. In most cases, our heart necklaces are wire wrapped which gives them durability as the wire fits right into a groove on the outside edge of the pendant. The type of wire wrapping is always specified in the product description of each heart pendant.