Dragonfly Pendants

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This insect takes me back to my youth when I summered in Parry Sound, Ontario. While I was able to enjoy the hot sun on the dock when there was still a cold breeze in the air during late spring, dragonflies shielded me from the unyielding black flies and mosquitos. I remember hundreds, if not thousands, of them constantly blackening the sky with their instinctive and primitive mission. Dragonfly images can represent many things among joy, transformation, adaptability, etc. For me it is more a nostaglic symbolism and a preciousness of memory. Many dragonflies are irridescent that make them a perfect fit for depicting them in dichroic glass. Most times, our studio translates the dragonfly image as a silhouette with the background speaking out as the irridescent sky on which they are contrasted. Custom dragonflies necklaces can be requested with the colours of your choice. To see our current inventory of glass dragonflies just click on one of the dragonfly necklaces.