Dichroic Glass Rings

These dichroic cabochons wrapped in sterling silver are fire opal dazzling! To find out your ring size, measure the diameter of your favourite ring. Contact us and we will let you know what size you are.

Dichroic rings are so fascinating. To build a ring from scratch takes a lot of patience. Firstly, the cabochons are made over a series of kiln fires that could take up to many weeks. Some of the cabochons turn out beautifully in a few firings. Others take a trained eye (much like the jeweller who works with precious stones) to see if the glass is worth using in a finished piece and, therefore, firing more. Even at the stage where the "stone" (which is really glass in this case) looks passible, the end result - after it is wrapped - will prove its worthiness. So, it is a series of admiring, analyzing and finally, approving a piece to build a sterling wire structure around.

The second stage begins by selecting the cabochon and the size. It is a methodical process for ring wrapping as the balance of the ring from all angles needs to be taken into account. Not to mention the security of the cabochon. All in all, I am usually very satified with the results and glad I can find a home for each, seemingly insignificant, piece of multiple layered, dichroic glass cabochon. The wire wrapped housing take the glass to a whole new level. In many cases, these cabochons are mistaken for fire opals.